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Grab your ray gun and put on a loincloth- it’s time for a text adventure! Battle aliens, plunder dungeons, and chow down on magic pizza as you strive to become the ultimate master of space kung fu! Shyfters beware- there’s a new barbarian in town.

This bundle contains all of the fantasy adventures in the series. Want more Crypt Shyfter? Grab the complete collection for $20.

Frostfall - Climb the treacherous paths of Sunrise Peak and defeat the Shyfter at the top!

Moonbright - Fantasy. An evil witch is turning the children into scarecrows. Somebody has to stop her!

Mon Magma - Fantasy. Escape from your volcanic prison cell and destroy the Shyfter who captured you!

Vortex - Fantasy. Help Captain Four Fingers and her pirates find their lost crew in Shipwreck Cove.

Howling Flame - Fantasy. Hunt down the Shyfter called Howling Flame and return the stolen Sacred Gem to its rightful home!

Crimson Wings - Fantasy. The people of your village are going nuts and killing each other. You must find out why and put a stop to it!

Pizza Quest - Fantasy. The troll kings have stolen your tribe's pizza! As the badass barbarian leader, it's your job to seek out their stinky troll cave and get the pizza back!

Legend of Azmar - Fantasy/JRPG. Kung Fu Space Barbarian is going away on vacation, so it's up to you to watch over Azmar while he's away. Just don't go traipsing off on any wild JRPG adventures while he's gone!

Fallen Empire - Fantasy. The world has been nearly destroyed by Shyfters. The last survivors have retreated into the holy temple of Shergblatt, and they need a hero to save them. I guess that would be you?

Blood Island - Fantasy. Rumor has it there exists a mythical lost city filled with treasure on the mysterious Blood Island... only a total badass would be able to find it, though!

Chapel of Evil - Fantasy. A magical healing spring has been discovered beneath the Chapel of Mercy in Aramoor. Word of this miracle has spread across Azmar, but unfortunately there are evil people who seek to sell the water or keep it for themselves. A wicked knight named Sir Rollo has captured the chapel and won't allow anyone to enter. You must defeat Rollo and his band of thugs so the peasants can have access to the magical healing water!

Warriors of Cloud Mountain - Fantasy. The Shyfters are attempting to unseal the Infinite Prison and release their master into the world of Azmar... and only the Warriors of Cloud Mountain can stop them! Gather the magic crystals and find the warriors before it's too late!

Citadel of the Flame King - Fantasy. The Blazing Knight of legend is no more, but perhaps it is time for a new hero to rise... A Shyfter has ravaged Azmar and taken over the impenetrable Ironforge Keep. Someone has to defeat it!

Dragonfire - Fantasy. Life as a firefighter is hard in fantasy land... all those dragon attacks and failed wizard experiments can lead to a tough life! But what happens when your village is completely wiped out by a fire breathing monster? Well, if you're a hero, then it's time to get your revenge!

Cover art by Lefvaid


Buy Now$15.00 USD or more

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01. Frostfall.html 572 kB
02. Moonbright.html 651 kB
03. Mon Magma.html 515 kB
04. Vortex.html 588 kB
13. Howling Flame.html 540 kB
14. Crimson Wings.html 502 kB
17. Pizza Quest.html 517 kB
21. Legend of Azmar.html 676 kB
22. Fallen Empire.html 496 kB
23. Blood Island.html 486 kB
24. Chapel of Evil.html 507 kB
26. Warriors of Cloud Mountain.html 698 kB
27. Citadel of the Flame King.html 637 kB
28. Dragonfire.html 639 kB

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