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Grab your ray gun and put on a loincloth- it’s time for a text adventure! Battle aliens, plunder dungeons, and chow down on magic pizza as you strive to become the ultimate master of space kung fu! Shyfters beware- there’s a new barbarian in town.

This bundle contains all of the sword & planet adventures in the series. Want more Crypt Shyfter? Grab the complete collection for $20.

Exile - Sword & Planet. An evil sorcerer has teleported you thousands of light-years away. Now you're caught in the middle of an intergalactic alien war!

Starwisp - Sword & Planet. Space vampires are killing the loompas! But where are they coming from? Someone has to investigate!

Rebellion - Sword & Planet. You've been enslaved by the Gorlons and they're forcing you to fight Shyfters in their alien gladiator arena!

Atomic Angel - Sword & Planet. The Atomic Angel is creating Shyfters, and he must be stopped! Only a badass barbarian warrior like yourself can defeat him. Travel to the mysterious planet of Bo in the 32nd Dimension and track down the ruthless villain. Prepare for an epic battle!

Dinosaur Wizard - Sword & Planet. You have crash-landed on a planet full of dinosaurs! But that's not the worst part... an evil Shyfter is using mind-control to gather the dinosaurs to fight in his army, and he's going to use them to take over the galaxy. Somebody has to stop him!

Warp Hounds - Sword & Planet. The Andraxxans and Shyfters are taking over the galaxy! You must go on a top secret mission to secure the aid of the Sneath starfleet- if they don't join the war, Fuzonia is doomed!

Cover art by omenakettu


Buy Now$7.00 USD or more

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07. Exile.html 663 kB
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09. Rebellion.html 582 kB
11. Atomic Angel.html 608 kB
15. The Dinosaur Wizard.html 527 kB
20. Warp Hounds.html 574 kB