Updates 9/6/19

New updates to Frostfall, Moonbright, and Mon Magma.

  • Adjusted visual layout to give the combat screens a cleaner, more minimalist feel. HP and MP are now represented by hearts (♥) and stars (✴) instead of numbers and stat bars.
  • Capped hit points (hearts) and magic points (stars) for player and monsters at 5
  • Fixed Level Up bonuses. Instead of boosting ALL stats each time a player levels up, only 1 stat, randomly generated, gets a boost. This helps prevent players from becoming overpowered too fast
  • Tweaked stats. Attack now determines % chance of hitting the enemy instead of increasing damage dealt. Speed (defense) determines % chance of dodging enemy attacks- defense no longer negates damage. Magic and Magic Points have been separated. Magic determines % chance of successfully casting a spell. Magic Points are needed to cast a spell in the first place. MP is drained regardless whether or not the spell is successful
  • Fixed combat. It is no longer possible to one-shot enemies (weak enemies can be killed in one hit by a critical spell on the first attack, but that's rare- about a 5% chance). All attacks deal flat damage instead of variable damage. Critical hits deal 2x damage. This fixed power creep issues (which resulted in single attacks against final bosses dealing 20-30 damage when bosses only had 10-15 HP, while bosses could potentially deal 0 damage to a player with high defense).
  • Added enemy types to increase combat variety, and gave each basic AI:
  1. Easy enemies- 3 HP, 0 MP. This enemy type spams physical attacks.
  2. Medium enemies- 5 HP, 3 MP. These enemies have a chance of casting one healing or damage spell per fight, but focus mainly on physical combat
  3. Hard enemies (bosses)- 5 HP, 5 MP. Bosses fight using a combination of physical and magical attacks. They have the ability to regenerate HP and MP if they get low

These updates now have a comment section at the bottom to discuss issues that need to be addressed in future releases.


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